um dia uma musica na saudade do fado

domingo, 31 de maio de 2009

COMPAÑIA FLAMENCA "DEVOCIÓN" Jesus Herrera (2005 National Flamenco Dance Prize for “Alegrías”), Ana “La Marquesita” (2004 National Flamenco Dance Prize for “Alegrías”) and Lola Jaramilla (2006 National Flamenco Dance Prize for “Tarantos”) provide the soul of this flamenco production that is full of emotion and purity. This flamenco show is known as “al compás” and it takes us on a journey through the oldest and most purist types of flamenco: caña, alegrías, tarantos, farruca and soleá. “Al compás” is clearly a production based on the simple, elegant style of the Escuela Flamenca Sevillana which is characterised by the wearing of the bata de cola (long dress) and the mantón (shawl). Starting Date:12-06-2009 Finishing Date:12-06-2009 Place:Olhão Municipal AuditoriumShedule:9.30pmLocality:OlhãoOrganization:Olhão Municipal Council CONVIDARAM-ME!

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